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Our Humanitarian Action

 Floating Schools on Tonle Sap Lake

 "Travel Useful "

 Our humanitarian actions dates almost 29 years. We began in India with 2 schools and a small health center in a shantytown, the most difficult of Old Delhi (back of the Red Fort on the bank of Yamuna river). This action continues, currently there are 526 school childrens

 We continued then in Nepal in the mountains of Helambou where we installed from year 1990 a clinic center which treat free of charge more than 16.000 nepalese in a year, and 3 free schools for the underprivileged childrens. We have no institutional subsidies and to provide our financials needs and create employments in the country, we have creates a Trekking and journeys agency in Nepal and Tibet which works for 26 years in Kathmandu. We are known for our seriousness and professionalism, the quality of our services and we have many references at your disposal.
We continue our humanitarian work in Cambodia (see floating schools) participating in targeted actions of humanitarian organizations (including financial assistance to four floating schools on the Tonle Sap, 450 children) while continuing our activities in India in Nepal and Tibet. Our agency is our only source of income for self-finance these actions, we receive no aid or institutional kind. Each person who goes in travel with us, help us by the little profit we do, to finance a part of an action.
 We leave from the principle that a small and well targeted humanitarian action, should be self-financed by creating companies in the country and by creating some work, what allows actions long reach, instead of demands of subsidies or donations which can dry up from day to day according to the politics of the moment.
We do not want to go into the current " charity business " which spreads more and more and which it finds results in the big cities of countries under developed ... Where the donations or the sponsorings harvested in world manage hardly to cover the running costs (cars, houses, salaries etc., of the "humanitarian people" in some humanitarian trust) And where the money used on the spot to help those that need its only a small percentage of the harvested donations...!

 Thank you for your interest about our actions

See you soon in Cambodia " to travel useful "


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Our Humanitarian Help in Cambodia, look at
Floating Schools on Tonle Sap Lake



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